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August 6, 2022

App collections rolled out

Today we're rolling out app collections! These are curated lists of apps that follow a certain topic, like validating an MVP early and cheap or gathering waitlist signup with no code.

July 29, 2022

Invite form updated

When filling in the invite form, the app that info is being submitted for, is now displayed along other apps but disabled because some people were confused that their product is not displayed in the proper category.

July 18, 2022

New 'What's new' page, updated privacy policy and terms

Every product update, minor and major is now going to be documented here on this page. Also privacy policy and terms of use were updated but that's boring!

July 16, 2022

Widget vs static logos comparison page, new featured stacks look

Rolled out a new page where you can compare your static row of logos with our dynamic widget to see all of the benefits that it provides. Also, featured stacks on the home page now look a lot richer with a snippet of which apps they use, beautiful color header and a short description.

July 14, 2022

Overhauled invite experience

It’s now a lot easier and smoother to fill out the invite form once your product has been invited.